Security & Surveillance

In order to protect the assets of any gaming operation, it is essential to employ motivated and highly trained personnel in these two critical departments. The employment of suitable staff, in addition to the procurement of the most advanced surveillance systems, enables a gaming operator to promote a secure gaming facility.

In addition to the purchase of systems and employment of competent staff, it is essential that surveillance staff are trained in all aspects of deceit, theft and known casino scams. Staff must be on the alert to all possibilities as highly trained, vigilant staff is essential in order to protect the considerable investment of the owners.

Proven surveillance systems, tailor made for each operation, are installed in ALL casino operations managed by ICS.

In order to complement the operations of the surveillance department, it is important to employ well trained and efficient security staff. Security staff are usually the first personnel that a patron encounters when visiting a casino. All security personnel have to be well versed in the requirements of public relations as well as their security duties.

The security of company assets, casino patrons and staff, in addition to the implementation of crisis management policy and procedures, are evident in all ICS managed casino operations.