Table Game Analysis

Mathematical / Simulation Analysis

It is essential that both management and regulatory authorities are cognizant of house advantages on all betting options offered within a casino. This is particularly so for all operations considering the introduction of new games, new side bets and payout / rule changes.

ICS have over 15 years of experience in the study of expected house advantage and can perform table game mathematical analysis and computer simulation from the most common game to the as yet untested.

Many clients have used our services including Crown Casino (pre-opening analysis of all table games), Casino Canberra, Star City, Burswood, SKYCITY, Foxwoods, game inventors, online casinos, regulators and others.

Result Analysis

Historical analysis of results is a valuable aid in detecting wheel bias, theft, card-counting, cheating and collusion between players and croupiers. Without proper scrutiny, casinos are exposed to substantial repeat losses.

ICS can review results via secure email and alert casino operators of any discovered inconsistencies.