Table Gaming Operations

In the vast majority of gaming operations, the most important department is table gaming. The potential revenue generated by this department demands that all other departments respond to the needs of table operations.

There are a number of factors which are critical in ensuring that the revenue generated by the table gaming operations is maximized:

  • The number of gaming tables and mix of games offered should be closely monitored to ensure that it reflects player demand and preferences.
  • The operational hours of the casino should accurately reflect player demand. Insufficient operational tables can lead to the loss of revenue. Management however must aware of the staff costs associated with the operation of table games, as this can be a significant expense. ICS has sophisticated systems that are able to monitor this area of operations.
  • Management and floor staff must receive extensive training in public relations to ensure that player dissatisfaction is kept to a minimum. It is important that all staff are aware of the likes, dislikes and customs of the operation's target markets. ICS personnel have extensive experience operating in Asia, and their considerable understanding of the customs and traditions of this market has enhanced the reputation of the company.
  • International Casino Services management staff are able to implement proven operational policies and procedures that ensure that turnover and revenues are maximized. These procedures can be customized to suit any location and target market.
  • Table gaming operations should be geared to generating maximum turnover and revenue whilst managing staff costs and ancillary expenses. ICS staff are able to implement systems and procedures to ensure that the above can be delivered.